Changes in how to access Comprehensive Child Protection Pathway Training

As of the 1st October 2017 the Comprehensive Child Protection Pathway (CCPP) training will be provided by North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) (Training and Learning Service) and subject to NYCC Training and Learning Service charges.  There is additional safeguarding training delivered by NYCC Training and Learning Service. 

NYSCB Partners will be able to access the CCPP course via the NYSCB website linked to North Yorkshire Education Services The course provided by NYCC Training and Learning Service is endorsed by NYSCB and developed in conjunction with multi-agency partners.    

NYSCB is confident that the quality of courses provided under the NYSCB ‘umbrella’ continue to be of a high standard and the board will continue to support the ongoing development of courses in line with identified learning needs. 

NYSCB and NYCC Training and Learning Service are working to refresh and increase the Safeguarding Children courses available, and updates will be provided on the NYSCB website as this develops.

NYSCB will continue to offer the following free face to face courses which can be booked via:

  • NYSCB Child Death Reviews: Advanced Training for Rapid Response Teams
  • NYSCB Developments in Safeguarding: Managers' Master-class
  • NYSCB Managing Allegations Against Staff
  • NYSCB Briefings

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