Child Protection Procedures

The procedures have been agreed by as a framework for joint agency working in child protection. They reflect relevant legislation, guidance from central government and lessons from research. Staff that are or may be involved in protection of children need to have a working knowledge of these documents and to refer to relevant sections as needed.

Procedures are presently being updated to incorporate changes made within Working Together to Safeguard Children, March 2013.

Standards have been developed within North Yorkshire based on these procedures. They can be downloaded from the Supplemental Procedures Section of this website.  Practice guidance is also available from the Practice Guidance Section.

Procedures Contents

Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - Agency Roles and Responsibilities

Section 3 - Information Sharing, Confidentiality and Consent

Section 4 - Recognition of Abuse and Neglect

Section 5 - Referral and Assessment Process

Section 6 - Child Protection Enquiries

Section 7 - Child Protection Conferences

Section 8 - Implementing the Child Protection Plan

Section 9 - Safeguarding Children In Specific Circumstances (A-E)

Section 9 - Safeguarding Children In Specific Circumstances (F-H)

Section 9 - Safeguarding Children In Specific Circumstances (L-P)

Section 9 - Safeguarding Children In Specific Circumstances (R-Z)

Section 10 - Managing Allegations against Staff and Volunteers

Section 11 - Safer Recruitment

Section 12 - Managing Individuals Who Pose Risk of Harm

Section 13 - Serious Case Review

Section 14 - Child Death Overview Processes

Section 15 - Strategic Management (Includes Complaints Procedure, Resolution of professional disagreement, Performance Management)

Appendix 2 - Addresses and Contact Details

Appendix 4 - Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and Their Families

Appendix 5 - Overview of the Home Inventory and Family Pack of Questionnaires and Scales

Appendix 6 - Legal Matters

Appendix 8 - Pre Birth Assessment Tool

Appendix 9 - Guidance On Child Protection Policies

Appendix 10 - Templates for Agency Reports to Child Protection Conferences



Last Updated:  07/10/2013
Next Review Update: 07/10/2013

 NYSCB Safeguarding Standards and Criteria

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