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Introduction to the Basic Awareness Training.

Welcome to the City of York and North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Boards’ Basic Awareness Training.

The Safeguarding Children Boards are multi agency statutory partnerships comprising the agencies, organisations and professional groups responsible for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people, including protecting them from abuse and neglect.

This training package is aimed at individuals in organisations and voluntary groups who work with children and young people, families or adults who may be parents and/or carers, to give a basic awareness of child protection issues.  Depending on your role, this may be the only level of training you need, although some people will need further training.  Details of other training courses will be found on this website.

The training package is arranged in four sections:

  1. What is Child Abuse?:
  2. Signs and Indicators of Abuse and Neglect;
  3. What to do in Response to Concerns:
  4. Guidelines for Good Practice.

At the end of each section, there are some questions to ensure that you have understood that section.  When you have successfully completed all four sections, you will be able to print out your Certificate of Completion. (Your computer will need to be attached to a printer).

It is recommended that you repeat Child Protection Basic Awareness Training every 3 years.  This training package will be updated as necessary to take account of local and national policy changes.


The course requires everyone to register using a username and password.  This is a requirement for data protection.  As the website is a stand alone site, staff working for the local authority and other organisations are advised not to use their usual username/password.

This computer based training package consists of four main sections.  Each section is divided into an information section, followed by a short test.  You should read the relevant information on each section before attempting to answer any questions.

You can navigate through the course by using the “Next” and “Previous” buttons at the bottom of the page.  Each button will have a label next to it, to show what the next/previous page contains.  You can check to see what section you are in by looking at the bottom of the page.

When you have correctly answered all the questions and finished all four stages, you can print out a Certificate of Completion.  The certificate is a PDF and if you are not connected to your printer should be saved on your laptop/PC until such time as you are able to print.

If you wuld like to contact us, please write or e-mail:

Employment Support Services at

Or Amanda Dickinson, CYSCB, Ashbank, 1 Shipton Road, City of York  YO30 5RE or

Please note that you must be connected to a printer and we will not be able to post out or email certificates.

Next: Section 1: What is child abuse?

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