Crucial Crew Online Game

With the support and assistance of some key partners, North Yorkshire Police have been delivering Crucial Crew safety workshops to Year 6 pupils across the region for over 20 years.

Since the very first session approximately 200,000 children have taken part in the fun, interactive sessions and learnt some vital, lifesaving skills to take forward into their adult life.

Everyone knows the old saying ‘use it or lose it’ and with examples like this of children putting the skills they have learnt into action, and know how important the lessons learnt at Crucial Crew are to young people’s safety.

With that in mind, alongside the digital agency Plump, North Yorkshire Police has developed a lively and colourful online urban adventure game that challenges children, in a fun and interactive way, to test out the life skills they have learnt while attending the sessions.

Children are presented with all kinds of tricky challenges, from perilous water and rail scenarios to cyber bullying and citizenship – all wrapped up all in an online game.

They can play on any device – desktop, tablet or phone – so children can play in school in an ICT or PHSE lesson, or at home (after homework of course!)

The game can be accessed from:

More information can be obtained by visiting:

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