CSE Awareness Day 2019

Monday 18th March marks National Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Awareness Day and the National Working Group (NWG) has published a range of key messages that can be used by partners and organisations. For more information about the national awareness day go to www.nwgnetwork.org

As part of the day NYSCB has put together a range of images that can be used by partners across North Yorkshire to raise awareness locally and through social media. To download an image, simply right click on the select image and select 'save picture as'. To download all the images, please click here

NWG has adopted five key messages for CSE Awareness day 2019 which are listed below:

  1. Exploitation is about more than just CSE, think about criminal exploitation, county lines, trafficking and modern slavery
  2. Families can be safeguarding partners
  3. The time to build relationships with children and families is crucial
  4. Exploitation and its impact doesn’t stop because you turn 18
  5. Communities can tackle exploitation

As an organisation, like many others, the NWG now views CSE through the lens of a broader understanding of child exploitation, encompassing criminal exploitation, trafficking, modern slavery and other forms of adolescent vulnerability. This doesn’t diminish the importance of CSE, it is critical we take the learning from the last five years and apply it where appropriate to other forms of exploitation. It is also vitally important that this move doesn’t leave the children and their families still affected by CSE feeling left behind by this approach. It is in fact an opportunity to look at their needs more holistically and harness the support and services of agencies and professionals not yet fully engaged in the response to CSE.

CSE Awareness Day 2019 will reflect these developments and draw attention to exploitation in a wider context, whilst not losing sight of children who are sexually exploited. We hope you will be able to support the day by sharing NWG's key messages, developing your own and marking the day with events to help raise awareness with professionals and communities alike.

These key messages are supported by a longer list of messages below which we will be disseminating in the run up to the day and on CSE Awareness Day itself. We would be delighted if you wish to share our key messages and any of your own and share them using #CSEDay19 . If you want to discuss how you can support the event, please get in touch with NWG on 01332 585371.

  • The welfare and safety of a child is paramount #Safeguard #CSEDay19
  • Safeguarding is everybody’s business #Safeguard #CSEDay19
  • Children and families need you to believe them.
  • Look beyond a child’s behaviour
  • Make meetings work for children and their families
  • Indecent images are real children being abused #ReportIt #CSEDay19
  • Boys are exploited too #BYM #CSE #CSEDay19
  • Exploitation doesn’t take place in isolation #CSEDay19
  • Communities can tackle exploitation #CSEDay19 
  • Make public spaces safe for children
  • Don’t assume someone else will report it, take responsibility
  • Exploitation impacts on the whole family
  • Recognise Families as Safeguarding Partners
  • Build on families and communities’ strengths
  • Safeguarding is complex.
  • Exploitation is about more than just CSE, think about criminal exploitation, county lines, trafficking and modern slavery #Exploitation #CSEDay19
  • How trauma-informed are you? #Trauma #CSEDay19
  • Perpetrators groom children #Grooming #CSEDay19
  • The time to build relationships with children and families is crucial.
  • Adolescents – don’t see them as problems, see their needs
  • #LookAtTheBiggerPicture #CSEDay19 (with a relevant photo)
  • #CSEDay19 Don’t blame, don’t judge… listen, care and safeguard
  • Trauma impacts us in different ways, a child and their family may not react how you think they should #Trauma #CSEDay19
  • Sport – who is looking after your child? #AbuseInSport #Safeguarding #CSEDay19
  • #MythBusting #CSEDay19 Exploitation affects ALL communities
  • #MythBusting #CSEDay19 Boys are exploited too
  • A good relationship with a professional is the best resource a child (and family) can have #Professionals #CSE #CSEDay19
  • #MythBusting #CSEDay19 It doesn’t stop because you turn 18! Young adults are still vulnerable.
  • Victims are NEVER to blame. Perpetrators target vulnerability not age! #CSEDay19
  • THINK. Are you listening to the voice of the child or the offender?! #CSEDay19
  • #CSEDay19 Ensure you always involve the young people in decision making. Remember it is their life!
  • I am supporting #CSEDay19 lets adopt a zero tolerance to the abuse of children
  • This is the 5th #CSEDay show your support by wearing red! Whether that be clothing, makeup or face paint! #CSEDay19 

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