An influential opportunity has arisen for a North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Board Chair

Whilst in North Yorkshire we live and work in a beautiful place, the county fully recognises that behind this idyllic image are real life experiences for some children and young people which are far less attractive. Not only do we know that, but we also commit on a partnership basis to changing that current reality. The recruitment to this key post, working closely with the Corporate Director of Children and Young People’s Services and other key stakeholders, is an exciting opportunity to enhance partnership working and build on our historic strengths.

Despite the changing legislation to the strategic management of safeguarding as muted in the governments consultation; working together to safeguard children and the Wood review; in North Yorkshire we are resolute in our commitment to safeguarding. We have in place robust independent scrutiny of our approach and practice, based on this we wish to appoint to this post; to further strengthen and review our approach given imminent future changes.

Whilst the strategic partners are responsible for safeguarding, we need a Chair to challenge, support and unite us; offering professional, independent scrutiny in partnership with the Board members.

The recent consultation and the pending changes, reaffirms the key role of the Board, but rightly in our view also looks for a greater emphasis by the Board in ensuring that policy, procedures, training and the work of individual agencies make a greater collective impact on the lives of children and young people. We want the appointed Chair to help us review our arrangements in response to this changing landscape. In North Yorkshire we seek to embrace that challenge and the new chair will certainly enter an environment where openness to change and improvement firmly exists.

Safeguarding presents many challenges, many of which can be complex and demanding, however our strong partnership approach puts us in good stead to tackle what lays ahead. We have the desire to ensure our safeguarding practices remain robust, but we need to continually challenge and adapt.

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