Voluntary Sector Safeguarding Survey

The contribution of the voluntary sector to safeguarding and ensuring the welfare of children and young people is extremely important. Both the North Yorkshire and City of York Safeguarding Children Boards are offering your organisation the opportunity to do a self-check on your safeguarding children policies and procedures.  We hope you will find this useful as many of your funders are likely to check your safeguarding policies and procedures, and may ask about recent safeguarding training as part of their application process.


CYSCB and NYSCB will analyse your responses to see whether there are further links and support (e.g. to training) which can be provided to assist your organisation. We would also like to share good practice and if you complete the survey we will send you a copy of the summary report and a certificate of completion.  Everything will be anonymous and will be based around themes rather than organisations.

The closing date for the survey is 30 April 2018

If you have any questions regarding this survey please contact - depending on your location:


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