NYSCP Multi-Agency Child Exploitation (MACE) and Contextual Safeguarding Level 2 - North Yorkshire

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Multi-Agency Child Exploitation (MACE) and Contextual Safeguarding Level 2

Multi-Agency Child Exploitation (MACE) and Contextual Safeguarding Level 2

What is MACE and Contextual Safeguarding (CS) Level 2?

The Multi-Agency Child Exploitation (MACE) and Contextual Safeguarding (CS) Level 2 meetings focus on the following vulnerabilities; Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE), Harmful Sexual Behaviour, (HSB) Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking(MSHT), Missing from Home (MFH), Online Child Exploitation (OCE) and wider Contextual Safeguarding. The meetings facilitate the sharing of information about children at risk of exploitation, as well as potential perpetrators and locations that could pose a risk to children and young people. The groups formulate multi-agency action plans to identify, detect and disrupt the risks to children and young people in the community. Further info can be found in the MACE Practice Guidance at MACE Practice Guidance.

How often does the MACE and CS Level 2 meet?

The meetings are on a monthly basis in Scarborough, Ryedale, Craven, Richmondshire, Hambleton, Harrogate and Selby to discuss local issues and concerns regarding child exploitation and contextual safeguarding concerns in the locality.

What happens at the Level 2 meeting?

The MACE and Contextual Safeguarding meeting discusses information relating to the links between children at risk or subject of exploitation, perpetrators, or individuals who may pose a risk by exploitation, locations that may pose a risk of harm and community intelligence. The meeting contains four key components:

  • The identification and assessment of perpetrators and/or individuals who may pose a risk by exploitation
  • The sharing of community intelligence related to perpetrators or individuals who may pose a risk by exploitation as well as locations where harm is being caused within communities.

The sharing of relevant details of children identified as at risk of or subject to exploitation through the Level 1 MACE and Contextual Safeguarding process. The purpose being to identify the community links between victims, perpetrators/individuals who may pose a risk by exploitation and:

  • Locations through locality mapping exercises. This includes any concerns raised by other Local Authorities and private residential home providers and settings around children from other authority areas who are placed in North Yorkshire
  • To develop robust locality partnership action plans to develop intelligence, pursue and prosecute perpetrators and disrupt exploitation activity within communities.

How are cases referred to the MACE and CS Level 2?

Referrals are received via the agreed referral pathway and will not be accepted via any other route, this includes intelligence information relevant to the concern submitted through the Partnership Intelligence Sharing form available from the NYSCP website. If at any point it is considered that a child or young person is thought to be at risk of or suffering significant harm this will trigger an immediate referral to NYCC Children’s Social Care.

Agendas will be circulated to agency Single Point of Contacts at least 5 working days prior to the Level 2 meeting; this is in order for attendees to be prepared, with an expectation they bring relevant information to inform discussion.

How are actions agreed?

Actions are agreed by the MACE Chair who is the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership Policy and Development Officer and the MACE & CS Group and allocated to a agency. The professional responsible for the action will be recorded along with the expected timescale for completion.

What are the responsibilities of group members?

Group members are expected to feed into the group contextual safeguarding concerns regarding links between children, potential perpetrators and locations that may pose a risk to young people. The meeting provides an opportunity for each agency SPOC to provide an update of any issues not specifically related to individual children, potential perpetrators or locations, but may inform the wider exploitation and contextual safeguarding picture.

Download the OMG

Download the Multi-Agency Child Exploitation (MACE) and Contextual Safeguarding Level 2 OMG


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