NYSCP New NYSCP 7 Point Briefing Published – Relating to Child Sexual Offences - North Yorkshire

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New NYSCP 7 Point Briefing Published – Relating to Child Sexual Offences

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Complex cases can provide many challenges and test the resilience and effectiveness of partnership working.  In North Yorkshire we work hard to ensure that we work together to safeguard children and support families, this is at the core of our complex case arrangements. This seven point briefing highlights the positive actions taken through a coordinated approach utilising the NYSCP Complex Case Procedures. 

This briefing is in relation to a criminal investigation led by North Yorkshire Police (NYP) in May 2018, which resulted in a person being sentenced to over nine years in prison after pleading guilty at court to a number of child sexual offences and indecent images of children. Post-conviction, in September 2019, North Yorkshire Police received new information that a sexual offence had been committed against a child in the nursery where the perpetrator had previously been employed.

To read and download the 7 Point Briefing please click here


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