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Procedures, Practice Guidance and One Minute Guides

Procedures, Practice Guidance and One Minute Guides


The NYSCP multi-agency procedures have been developed as a framework for services working in child safeguarding within North Yorkshire. They reflect relevant legislation, guidance and the local context in North Yorkshire.

Professionals that are or may be involved in the protection of children need to have a working knowledge of these procedures and to refer to relevant sections as required.

To access a procedures, please click on the drop down menu below:

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NYSCP Practice Guidance

The NYSCP Practice Guidance has been agreed as a framework for multi-agency working in child protection across North Yorkshire. They reflect the relevant national legislation, current guidance and local context in North Yorkshire. Professionals that are or may be involved in the safeguarding of children need to have a working knowledge of these documents and to refer to relevant sections as needed.

  1. Children and Custodial SettingsUPDATED
  2. Children and young people who display sexually harmful behaviours
  3. Child Sexual Abuse Medical Assessments
  4. Child Sexual Exploitation
  5. Concealed, Denied or Late Presentation of Pregnancy
  6. Corona Virus – Guidance, help, support and resources
  7. Criminal Exploitation and County Lines
  8. Domestic Abuse
  9. Fabricated and Induced Illness
  10. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
  11. Managing Allegations Against Those Who Work or Volunteer with Children
  12. Managing Injuries to Non-Independently Mobile Children
  13. Missing from Home and Care
  14. Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking
  15. Multi-Agency Child Exploitation (MACE) and Contextual Safeguarding
  16. Neglect
  17. Non-Recent, Organised/Complex Abuse Procedures
  18. Out of Area Looked After Children Protocol
  19. Out of Area Young People Arrested Who Appear at Risk of Criminal Exploitation
  20. Prevent: Working with Individuals Vulnerable to Extremism
  21. Private Fostering
  22. Professional Resolutions
  23. Referrals to Children and Families Service using the updated Universal Referral Form
  24. Safeguarding Policies and Procedures for Early Years Providers
  25. Safeguarding Unborn Babies
  26. Safer Recruitment
  27. Schools Child Protection Manual Sept 2021 (replaces the School Child Protection Policy Template)
  28. Self Harming and Suicidal Ideation Pathway
  29. Slang Dictionary and Emoji DictionaryNEW
  30. Substance Misuse in Parents
  31. Whistleblowing
  32. Writing Child Protection PolicyUPDATED

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Framework for decision-making: Right help, at the right time by the right person

The “Framework for decision-making: Right help, at the right time by the right person” has been developed to help and support practitioners working with children across all agencies and organisations, when faced with a decision about the safety and wellbeing of a child or young person. It is a collaborative approach to support and drive our shared ambition of the right help, at the right time from the right service and, importantly, from the right person.

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Standards & Criteria

NYSCP’s Standards and Criteria document lays out the multi-agency expectations in respect of:

  • Strategy Discussions
  • Child Protection Conferences
  • Reports to Child Protection Conferences
  • Child Protection Conference Documents and Minutes
  • Child Protection Plans
  • Core Groups
  • Child in Need Meetings
  • Assessment Standards
  • Notifiable Incidents Involving Children
  • Private Fostering

The standards reflect the requirements set out in Working Together to Safeguarding Children (2018) and are relevant to quality assurance. This document can also be of use for practitioners working with children and their families as a framework.

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One Minute Guides

Our One Minute Guides (OMGs) are designed to provide professionals with bite sized briefings on key issues to support frontline practice. An A-Z list can be found below, click on the text to open the guide:

  1. Child Death Review Process
  2. CDOP Joint Agency Response
  3. Child Safeguarding Rapid Review Process
  4. County Lines, Cross Border Gangs and Cuckooing
  5. Deep Dive Multi Agency Audits
  6. Early Help
  7. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
  8. Forced Marriage
  9. Independent Child Trafficking Guardianship Service NEW
  10. Information Sharing
  11. Intelligence Sharing
  12. Leaving a Child at Home
  13. MACE & Contextual Safeguarding Lv. 1
  14. MACE & Contextual Safeguarding Lv. 2
  15. MACE Persons who pose a risk by Exploitation Process
  16. Making a referral
  17. Managing Allegations against staff
  18. MAST – Multi Agency Screening Team
  19. MATE Crime
  20. Missing Child/Young Person
  21. Modern Slavery and the National Referral MechanismUPDATED
  22. No Wrong Door – RAISE Approach
  23. North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (NYSCP)
  24. Notification of Private Fostering Arrangements
  25. Operation Choice – Drugs Early Intervention and Prevention for Children and Young People in North YorkshireNEW
  26. Operation Divan
  27. Operation Divan School Guidance
  28. Parental Mental Ill Health on Children
  29. Prevent: Extremism & Radicalisation
  30. Professionals Consultation Line
  31. Safeguarding Children and Adults when Volunteering in North Yorkshire
  32. Safeguarding Practice Review Group (SPRG)
  33. Signs of Safety
  34. Social Media: Guidance for Professionals
  35. Stalking Protection Orders
  36. Submitting a Referral to the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) for a child – NEW
  37. SUDI Prevention
  38. Trafficking & the NRM
  39. Trusted Relationships
  40. Using the Children and Families Universal Referral Form

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Resource Library

Find the latest forms, guidance, tools and documents to help you safeguard children in North Yorkshire by searching in our resource library


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