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Learning for Professionals

Learning for Professionals

NYSCP as part of it’s responsibilities, carries out reviews of individual cases, undertakes multi-agency audits, and provides briefings on specific safeguarding issues. These responsibilities ensure learning is captured and shared with professionals who work with children and young people to improve practice when it comes to safeguarding children in North Yorkshire.

Learning Reviews

This learning review briefing relates to an NYSCP Learning Review undertaken in relation to information reported to services and incidents leading up to the arrest, charge and subsequent conviction, of two young people for serious offences in the Hambleton and Richmondshire District of North Yorkshire during 2017/18. The circumstances surrounding this case are, thankfully, rare, not only for North Yorkshire, but nationally.  The management of the case was complex in nature and involved multiple services and organisations.  
Since the arrests of the two young people in October 2017, the circumstances of the case have been subject of regular oversight by the NYSCP Executive Chair and Independent Scrutineer and the NYSCP Executive Members Group.  Whilst the case did not fit the criteria for a Serious Case Review, the NYSCP Executive determined that an NYSCP Learning Review should be undertaken.  
The briefing paper can be found HERE .
If you work with children and families in North Yorkshire, there may be additional specific actions and lessons for your agency and your role. Please ask your manager, or contact your representative on the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership, to find out more.

Serious Case Reviews

Clare sadly died on in March 2017 aged seventeen, whilst an in-patient at a Tier 4 mental health Hospital in Norfolk some 200 miles from her home in North Yorkshire. Clare had experienced emotional and mental health challenges over a number of years with interventions from a number of different organisations resulting in Clare being sectioned under the Mental Health Act 1983. She was found having tied a ligature around her neck.

Despite the tragic content of this Serious Case Review, Clare had many positive aspects to her character. Her parents describe her as fun loving, witty, caring, easy going with a big heart, being intelligent, artistic, a wonderful girl, articulate, having opinions on the world, sociable, somebody who loved animals and nature.

The learning identified from this review is in relation to:
– The importance of holistic assessment of a child’s health needs
– Communication between schools and health professionals especially when a child moves between settings
– Transfer of records and documentation, also particularly when a child moves area or setting
– Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) waiting times and the ability to respond when a child is first unwell, and to maintain that response
– Care provided by specialist mental health Hospitals, especially given beds are scarce and provision often distant from a child’s home
– The voice of the child and parents being taken seriously by professionals

An Executive Summary can be found here and the Full Serious Case Review can be found here.

If you work with children and families in North Yorkshire, there may be additional specific actions and lessons for your agency and your role. Please ask your manager, or contact your representative on the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership, to find out more.

This webinar was presented by James Parkes NYSCP Partnership Manager & Elaine Wyllie Designated Nurse for Safeguarding.

The review covered:

– Background of the Serious Case Review
– Understanding Clare
– Learning from the review
– Next Steps

To view the slides please click here

To view the learning session click the YouTube link below:

Developments in Safeguarding Manager Masterclass

This webinar was delivered to Frontline Managers / Designated Safeguarding Leads of those working with children and young people.

The recorded session can be viewed below:

The PowerPoint slides can be downloaded clicking here

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Learning Reviews


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