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Training Courses

Training Courses

Welcome to North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership’s current training offer. Below you will find details of training courses, how to book and whether the course is free or chargeable.

The North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership and the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Adults Board have produced a document to assist partners in identifying the minimum requirements which should be in place across all organisations that work with children, young people or adults.

Click here to read the full document

North Yorkshire Education Service have produced guidance on North Yorkshire County Council: Safeguarding Children Training

Click here to open the guide

Please note, that the training listed below is a detailed but not exhaustive list of safeguarding training which professionals can access. However the training listed, are courses NYSCP have been assured of in terms of the relevance to North Yorkshire and the quality of the training.

NYSCP Developments in Safeguarding: Mini Masterclasses 2021

These sessions will be delivered in a new mini virtual format and are designed for Frontline Managers / Designated Safeguarding Leads of those working with children and young people.

Each Masterclass will be held on the last Friday of every month between 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm. Each session will cover a different theme. Click each month below to read more:

This session is for multi-agency practitioners to have an understanding of Vicarious Trauma and how it can impact on their own well-being and affect their practice.
NYSCP recognise that working with traumatised children and young people and their families can be emotionally and psychologically difficult for practitioners. This is especially pertinent during our response to COVID-19 as many people are working from home and the lines between home life and work life have been blurred, with trauma now being ‘brought into’ our family homes.
As such this briefing is relevant for front-line practitioners who work with these individuals and managers across the range of adult and children’s services.

To view the pre recorded session click on the on Youtube link below:

To read and download the slides that accompanied the session please click below:

Friday 26th March 2021 – Explore the online world and young people

Join the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership and the Marie Collins Foundation in the March 2021 Masterclass which will explore the online world and young people covering topics including:
•        What the latest police trends are regarding online abuse
•        Helplines
•        Hidden threats
•        Research into what young people are telling us they need and what is happening to them
•        North Yorkshire Training
•        Marie Collins Foundation Overview
•        Question and Answers

We are holding two sessions on Monday 19th April 2021 1.30pm – 2.30pm & Wednesday 21st April 2021 4.00pm – 5.00pm.

These sessions will be led by Mountain Health Care who provide specialist Sexual Assault Referral Services for adults and children, who have experienced sexual violence and/or sexual abuse.

To book for Monday 19th click below:

To book for Wednesday 21st click below:

On Friday 30th April 2021 – we will be providing professionals with updated information in development within the safeguarding of children arena for sharing within their teams.

Topics to be covered include:
•             Learning from a recent Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews and Multi Agency Audit Activity
•             MACE and BeAware Awareness
•             Being Young in North Yorkshire
•             Hidden Harm
•             ICON – Reducing Head Trauma
•             Other topical safeguarding updates

Friday 28th May 2021 – Explore the learning that has come out of a NYSCP Child Suicide Prevention task and finish group.

Understanding how we can support the mental health of children, young people and professionals and exploring how you can support the Suicide Prevention work in North Yorkshire
•        Relaunch of the Suicide Prevention and Self harm Pathway
•        The Voice of the parent (Pat Sowa Starfish – https://starfishing.co.uk/about-us)
•        Available support services in North Yorkshire
•        Practical takeaways for your teams and organisations identified by the Task and Finish group

Charge: Free

This course covers the different components of the Joint Agency Response in to a child death and the role and responsibilities of different professionals in the process.  It provides delegates with the skills to explain to families the purpose of the process, including what will happen to their child.  Following the course delegates will understand the role for Child Death Review Process and how they collate and evaluate information for the investigation.  They will have an increased knowledge of the nature and cause of unexpected childhood deaths and be able to recognise and respond appropriately to the circumstances surrounding the death of a child.
Course participants will have personal knowledge and experience in this field and come from a range of agencies including GP’s, Hospital and Community Health Staff, Ambulance and Fire Services, Police, Social Care and Education.
Training can also be delivered to individual services by the Designated Dr for Child Death and the Child Death Review Officer.  To request this please contact cdop@northyorks.gov.uk

Targeted Audience: Paediatricians, Ambulance Workers, ED Workers, EDT Workers, Police, Social Work Teams, GPs and Named Nurses 

Course Type: Virtually (Online)   

Charge: £70 per delegate.

Interim webinar training for any professional who works with children & young people who has never attended a child protection case conference and has now been invited.

Who is it for?
For those new to the role of DSL & Deputy working with children, young people & families who have never attended a child protection conference & have now been invited.

What Will I Learn?:
Develop understanding of the responsibilities involved in child protection processes & effective participation: report writing & attendance; recognition of “significant harm”; Vulnerability Checklist & Thresholds.

Course Type: Webinar, 5 hour session 10am – 3pm                   

Charge: £45 per delegate.

Interim webinar CCPP Refresher Training to review the child case conference process and the role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Who is it for?
This interim Webinar is for Designated Safeguarding Leads and their Deputies to refresh their DSL training.

What will I Learn?
Identify the role & responsibilities of the DSL; Identify current guidance, documentation & legislation with safeguarding children; Review the process when a referral meets thresholds; Review retention of child protection records

Course Type: Webinar, 2 hour session, either 10am – 12pm or 1pm – 3pm

The course will give an overview of the role of a Designated Teacher for LAC

Who is it for?
Designated Teachers for LAC and Care Experienced and Social Care professionals.

What will I learn?
15:30-16:30 is for those new to the role of Designated Teacher and those wanting a refresher, with training on the new guidance, PEPs and Pupil Premium+

16:30-17:30 is recent updates for all DTs including updates from Social Care and EP’s with reviews of the eGov ePEP process and training as required.
By the end of the training, delegates will know their legal requirements for Looked After and Previously Looked After Children and gain insight into how to support them more effectively through their school career.

Course Type: Webinar, 2 hour session

Charge: £45 per delegate,

Interim webinar training for any professional who works with children & young people who completes safeguarding referrals.

Who is it for?
Interim webinar training for those new to the role of DSL & Deputy working with children, young people & families with making referrals & the support provided by services. Provides delegates with an understanding of what makes a good referral, Early Help Assessments and understanding of MAST.

What Will I Learn?:
Develop knowledge of the processes involved in making safeguarding referrals and the role of Early Help & MAST in safeguarding children.

Course Type: Interim Webinar,  2 hour session either 10am – 12pm or 1pm – 3pm            

Charge: £80 per delegate

Interim webinar training in the context of safeguarding, profile of abusers, how abusers operate in organisations, features of a safer recruitment process, making the right decision, acceptable standards of behaviour, maintaining an on-going culture of vigilance.

Who is it For?:
This interim webinar is for any early years management team who recruits staff & volunteers.

What will I Learn?:
Participants will be able to identify the features of a safer recruitment process to deter the appointment of unsuitable people, consider policies and practices that minimise opportunities for abuse and review policies and practices to make the organisation safer.

Course Type: Webinar, 6 hour session 9.30am – 4.30pm

Charge: £70 per delegate

Interim webinar training looking at the issues children face with exploitation and how they can be supported.

Who is it For?:
This course is for anyone working with children who are at risk from Exploitation. It can be used as refresher training for Designated Safeguarding Leads and their Deputies.

What will I Learn?:
Identify Exploitation: Sexual, Modern Day Slavery, Trafficking, Criminal, including County Lines & Contextual Safeguarding with victims & perpetrators. Risk management and disruption tactics when working with children.

Course Type: Webinar, 5 hour session 10am – 3pm

Charge: £45 per delegate.

Interim webinar safeguarding children training looking at the impact of parental mental ill health; substance misuse and domestic abuse in families.

Who is it For?:
This interim webinar is for anyone working with children whose parents experience substance misuse, domestic abuse or mental ill health. Can be used as refresher training for DSLs and their Deputies.

What will I Learn?:
Examine issues of parental substance misuse; mental illness & domestic abuse can impact on parenting; awareness of the challenges involved; increase knowledge to safeguard children & young people.

Course Type: Webinar, 2½ hour session 9.30 – 12pm

Charge: £70 per delegate.

Interim webinar training exploring young people exhibiting risky behaviours, including self-harm, substance misuse, unsafe relationships, gangs & radicalisation. Looks at tools to support work with young people.

Who Is It For?:
This webinar is for anyone working with young people, including children in the final years of primary school. It can be used as refresher training for Designated Safeguarding Leads & their Deputies.

What Will I Learn?:
Awareness of safeguarding issues relevant to young people; recognise signs & symptoms of self-harm; substance Misuse; unsafe relationships; sexual practice; gangs & groups; radicalisation.

Course Type: Webinar, 5 hour session 10am – 3pm                   

Charge: Free

To provide knowledge of the procedures and practice for dealing with allegations against staff.

Course Type: Face to face                   
Book online at: http://nyestraining.co.uk/Search/managing%20allegations

Head First is North Yorkshire’s Mental Health Training Hub, a resource that has been developed to provide information on mental health, suicide prevention and training in and across the County.
Through North Yorkshire Public Health Team funding, a range of services are offered to those living, working and volunteering in North Yorkshire.
Qualified, experienced trainers in all districts of the County will deliver the following courses:
·        Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Youth and Adult courses
·        ASIST training courses
·        SafeTalk Training courses
·        ASIST train the trainer courses
·        SafeTalk train the trainer courses
·        Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) train the trainer courses
*And many more including Suicide First Aid (SFA) and Assessing for Suicide in Kids (ASK) Workshops.
If you are an individual seeking information about courses that will help you manage your own well-being, an organisation seeking ‘train the trainer’ courses for your in-house tutors, a voluntary and community sector organisation or charity looking at training for your employees and volunteers or a training provider and would like to promote your services please visit Head First or contact Amber at Amber.Graver@northyorks.gov.uk.                    


Charge: Free

ACT Awareness is the national counter terrorism awareness initiative for services and is produced by NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office) to help protect from the threat of terrorism.

The threat from terrorism is serious, but it is important to keep it in perspective. The level of threat is complex and ranges from crudely planned attacks to sophisticated networks pursuing ambitious and coordinated plots.

The aim of ACT Awareness is to:

• Help individuals to understand the threat from terrorism to the UK.
• Advise individuals what to do if they find themselves involved in a terrorist incident or event that is a precursor to a planned attack.
• Enable people to recognise and report suspicious activity.

Course Type: E-Learning
Access online here

Charge: Free

Learn how to give practical and emotional support to individuals using PFA
Psychological First Aid (PFA) is the globally recommended training for supporting people during emergencies and offers guidance on delivering psychosocial care in the immediate aftermath of the emergency event.

On this course, you’ll explore the psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and what you can do to help people cope.
The course will teach you the key principles of giving psychological first aid in emergencies.

This course has been produced by Public Health England and is based on international guidance from the World Health Organisation, United Nations and partners.

Course Type: E-Learning
Access online here

Charge: Free

IDAS is a specialist service that provides support, accommodation and advice to adults and children who are victims of domestic abuse. They work with a range of agencies to provide the very best solutions to those affected by domestic abuse.  This training package is aimed at individuals in organisations and voluntary groups who work with adults and children or young people, to give a basic awareness of issues surrounding domestic abuse. Depending on your role, this may be the only level of training you need, although some people will need further training.

Course Type: E-Learning         
Access online here  

Charge: Free

Following completion of this e-learning package you will:
– Recognise why Early Help is important
– Be aware of our collective responsibility for delivering Early Help
– Be confident signposting children / families and young people to the right service at the right time
– Be able to complete an Early Help Assessment (EHA)

Course Type: E-Learning
Access online here

Charge: Free

The Home Office has launched a free online training package dealing with female genital mutilation (FGM), developed with Virtual College. It gives teachers, police, doctors, social workers and Border Force staff the training they need to help them identify and assist girls who are at risk of FGM.

Course Type: E-Learning         
Access online here 

Charge: Free

A free e-learning course has been developed by the Forced Marriage Unit of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Home Office. It aims to raise awareness, challenge perceptions and inform you of the correct actions to take should you suspect someone is at risk.

After completing this training you will be able to:
– Recognise the warning signs of forced marriage
– Take the right actions to help protect the potential victim
– Co-operate effectively with other agencies

Course Type: E-Learning         
Access online here

Charge: Free

The e-learning resource ‘We Need to Talk About Suicide’ has been developed alongside Public Health England (PHE) and has been supported by families who have lived through suicide, as well as health care professionals who work in mental health services.

We need to talk about suicide is specifically available to support volunteers and health care professionals who don’t specialise in mental health care.

Course Type: E-Learning                   
Access online here 

Charge: Free

This e-learning package has been developed by HM Government following consultation with a range of individuals and organisations. It has benefited from the feedback of teachers, local authority officials, community-based groups, youth workers and many others. Links to further information can be found at the end of this training.

– This is introductory training. It will provide an important foundation on which to develop further knowledge around the risks of radicalisation and the role that you can play in supporting those at risk.
– This training addresses all forms of terrorism and non-violent extremism, including far right wing and Islamist extremism threatening the UK.
– This offers an introduction to the Prevent duty, and explains how it aims to safeguard vulnerable people from being radicalised to supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists themselves.
– A link to the prevent duty guidance is available at the end of this e-Learning.

Course Type: E-learning                 
Access here:
Prevent Training
Channel Awareness
Prevent Referrals

Charge: £35

Online training is available through the NSPCC to help manage harmful sexual behaviour in primary and secondary schools in the UK. 

Do you need to increase your understanding and identification of behaviours in children and young people at your school that are healthy and those which are of concern?

Do you feel confident in immediately responding to an incident of sexual violence and sexual harassment and providing a response that’s best for the child or children involved?

Developed by subject matter experts specialising in preventing harmful sexual behaviour, these NSPCC e-learning courses for primary or secondary schools will give you the knowledge and skills to recognise, report and record concerns to help keep children safe.

Course Type: E-learning
Access online here

This online training package is aimed at individuals in organisations and voluntary group who work with children and young people to give basic awareness of child protection issues and how to safeguard children from abuse.

Charge: This package is free for all NYCC staff, all schools, Early Years Providers, Childminders and chaperones in North Yorkshire. For all other services: £30 per individual.
Course Type: E-learning                     
Time: 45 minutes
Certificate: Upon completion a certificate is automatically generated and is available to print.

Access: For all NYCC staff (excluding schools) please access this training via the Learning Zone. For all non NYCC staff (including schools): To enquire about accessing / purchasing the above package please email trainingandlearning@northyorks.gov.uk 

To find out more about NYCC online learning and bundle pricing please visit https://www.nyeducationservices.co.uk/training

Charge: Free

The #TalkSuicide campaign has been created y the Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership to reduce the stigma around talking about suicide by raising awareness of free suicide prevention training available from the Zero Suicide Alliance.

The Zero Suicide Alliance is a partnership of Health Service Trusts, businesses and individuals who are committed to suicide prevention in the United Kingdom and beyond.  The Alliance has a free, 20 minute online suicide prevention training programme.  The aims of this training are to: enable people to identify when someone is presenting with suicidal thoughts / behaviour; help them to speak out in a supportive manner; empower them to signpost the individual to the correct services or support.

Course Type: E-Learning                   
Access online here

The Marie Collins Foundation Training

Click: Path to Protection is a programme of professional development and specialist training for those working with children and young people harmed through the internet and related offline abuse. The programme has been developed by MCF,
with support from BT, to support professionals working with child victims of online abuse understand their individual role and those of colleagues in other related organisations.

Access the full information here

Marie Collins Foundation is dedicated to supporting victims of online child sexual abuse and exploitation. The foundation advocates for children who have suffered from online abuse so that they are able to recover and live safe and fulfilling lives. It has grown to become a dedicated team of specialists who support those harmed online through direct work with children and their families and advising professionals and governments at local, national and international level.
In this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore, in a safe environment,
• what online harm is
• ways you can effectively help and support your children
• understand why and how children can become victims, and
• how your response can be vital in enabling your child to recover.

Access the full information here

NYSCP Cancellation & Charging Policy

All NYSCP named courses are subject to NYSCP cancellation and charging policy. To view NYSCP’s cancellation policy click on the drop down section below:

The NYSCP coordinate safeguarding training to colleagues working with children and young people in North Yorkshire in line with its Learning and Improvement Framework (WT2018). Training focuses on themes identified in the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Board (NYSCP) Business Plan, Practice Guidance, Procedures, learning from reviews, audits and national and local guidance.

Training is designed to offer colleagues across agencies an opportunity to share experiences and improve their skills in operational practice, and ensures that training and learning impacts positively on future practice and ultimately improves outcomes for children.

For face to face delivery courses, it is important that delegates attend for the duration of the course and arrive and leave at the specified times.

Demand for NYSCP courses is high and as a result, some applicants may not be able to obtain a place. In order to ensure that we achieve maximum attendance for our courses agencies must either:

– Provide us with a minimum of 7 days’ notice of any cancellation in order for the place to be offered to another candidate. Where a booking is cancelled less than seven days prior to the course, except in circumstances of sickness, the cancellation fee will be £50 for one half day training and £50 per day where the course lasts two days or more. Candidates who are unable to attend due to sickness must inform the NYSCP Business Unit immediately they are aware of their inability to attend by emailing nyscp@northyorks.gov.uk; or

– Send another colleague to attend the course in the place of the original delegate.  This is acceptable practice & no charge will be made.  Where this is the case the substitute delegate must inform the course tutor and the course register should be amended to recognise the substitution.

By signing up to complete a course delegates must be aware that where they do not attend a NYSCP delivered course and have failed to comply with points 1 or 2 above they will incur a cancellation charge of £50.


Resource Library

Find the latest forms, guidance, tools and documents to help you safeguard children in North Yorkshire by searching in our resource library


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