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Safeguarding Children
During Coronavirus

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NYSCP throughout the year will be running and supporting various safeguarding campaigns.

“Let’s Talk About It”: Prevent online radicalisation during Covid-19 lockdown

Alongside North Yorkshire Police and our community safety partners we are supporting a campaign to tackle the threat of online radicalisation during the coronavirus emergency.

Co-ordinated by Prevent and with a focus on its “Let’s Talk About It” website https://www.ltai.info/, it is aimed at young and vulnerable people who could be at risk of being groomed by extremist individuals and groups online.
As with crimes such as fraud, child abuse and child sexual exploitation, the closure of schools and colleges has increased the chances of young people falling victim to online radicalisation while following the current social distancing and self-isolation rules.

Detective Superintendent Allan Harder, Head of Safeguarding at North Yorkshire Police, said: “During the coronavirus pandemic when we are all becoming more reliant on communicating online, it is essential to be aware of the dangers of online radicalisation and where professional help and support can be readily accessed.
“While such cases are rare, it is still important for parents, carers and young people themselves to be aware of the negative influencers and groomers who use the internet, social media and online gaming to spread extreme ideas.
“Some of these ideas may be considered radical or extreme, and when a person starts to support or be involved in them, this is called radicalisation which is a very serious matter for the police.”

If you are worried about a friend, relative or even yourself, please go to the Prevent “Let’s Talk About It” website https://www.ltai.info/.
If you have an immediate concern that you need to share with a trained professional who will treat your enquiry with understanding and discretion, please call North Yorkshire Police on 101.
Follow @TerrorismPolice and @NypPrevent on Twitter to keep up to date on Prevent activities.

Since the Prevent Strategy was introduced in 2006, the UK Police Service has played a vital role in stopping people getting drawn into terrorism and violent extremism by helping to support the vulnerable.
This unique contribution has been essential in boosting the UK’s ability to counter the threat posed by terrorists, whilst at the same time helping build stronger and safer neighbourhoods.
Our work under Prevent builds on existing strong relationships between police and professionals involved in other safeguarding work such as sexual abuse, neglect and other risks.
More recently, we have begun work to encourage business leaders to understand the objectives and importance of Prevent, and how they can contribute.
Our statistics demonstrate that our work under Prevent covers all communities and all forms of extremist activity, including extreme right wing behaviour.

If you can support via RTs/shares on social media that would be great, or adapt for your own purposes using this comms toolkit which also includes a video: https://www.counterterrorism.police.uk/prevent-toolkit/

Child Exploitation Awareness Day: Wednesday 18th March 2020

Wednesday 18th March 2020 marks National Child Exploitation Awareness Day that aims to highlight the issues surrounding Child Exploitation.

The day encourages everyone to think, spot and speak out against abuse and adopt a zero tolerance to adults developing inappropriate relationships with children or children developing inappropriate relationships with other children.

This is a National Awareness Raising day which gives Local Authorities, Organisations, Projects, Schools and individuals an opportunity to focus on the issues of child exploitation (including sexual, criminal exploitation and county lines) and raise awareness of the signs, indicators and what to do if concerns are raised.

Within North Yorkshire and City of York multi-agency partners have come together to develop an awareness campaign, alongside North Yorkshire & York Youth Commission (NYYYC), to create a series of resources and key messages to share across the partnerships to raise awareness across four key groups; Children and Young People; Parents and Carers; Professionals and the General Public. 5 pictorial messages (see Resources to Download section) have been created by NYYYC members quotes from interview extracts on child exploitation and how young people interact online.

The purpose of this year’s campaign is branded under the headline of ‘Did you know…..’ and is to expand on the three national areas in line with the national campaign – www.stop-cse.org:
·        Understanding how young people utilise social media and the risks involved
·        How parents can support young people to access their online worlds safely
·        How professionals can recognise young people who may be being exploited and what to do about it if they do

–  Post Child Exploitation Awareness Day content on your social media accounts (suggested content overleaf)
  Follow NYSCP (@NYSCP1) & CoYSCP (@YorkSCP) on Twitter and NYYYC (@NorthYorksYC) on Twitter and Instagram (yc_northyorks) to share Child Exploitation Awareness Day posts on your accounts and get messages out across your networks
–  Mobilise colleagues by sharing this briefing and asking them to join you in supporting the Child Exploitation Awareness Day campaign

Need More Info?
For more information about the Child Exploitation Awareness Day campaign in North Yorkshire and City of York or to discuss in more detail how you and your organisation can get involved, please contact NYSCP (nyscp@northyorks.gov.uk) or CoYSCP (www.saferchildrenyork.org.uk/contact-us.htm).

Thank you in anticipation of your support for the 2020 Child Exploitation Awareness Day campaign.

Look out for our posts on the NYSCP Twitter / CoYSCP Twitter / NYYYC Twitter / NYYYC Instagram feed and re-tweet/share them to your followers. In addition, feel free to use the below pre-populated messages along with the 5 pictorial messages of what Child Exploitation (see Resources to Download section) is to tweet from your organisation’s social media accounts:
·        Exploitation is abuse #CEADay20
·        Exploitation is about more than just CSE, think about criminal exploitation, county lines, trafficking and modern slavery #CEADay20
·        Look at the bigger picture. Communities and Families can be safeguarding partners when it comes to tackling child exploitation #CEADay20
·        Exploitation and its impact doesn’t stop because you turn 18. Young adults are still vulnerable too #CEADay20
·        The time to build relationships with children and families is crucial #CEADay20
·        Children can’t consent to their exploitation #CEADay20
·        Disruption of perpetrators and the creation of safe spaces is crucial. See @NatWorGroup Disruption Toolkit:  www.nwgnetwork.org/post_typ/tools #CEADay20
·        Don’t assume someone else will report it, take responsibility: www.safeguardingchildren.co.uk/professionals/forms-for-professionals/ #CEADay20
·        Children and families need you to believe them #CEADay20
·        We need to disrupt perpetrators through any means possible, don’t place the burden on victims to disclose #CEADay20
·        Think #ContextualSafeguarding. Exploitation doesn’t take place in isolation and the risk of exploitation is usually posed outside of the family home. Public and Online spaces need to be safe for children #CEADay20

Please don’t forget to use the campaign hashtags on your posts:

Click on any of the images below to download, then right click on the image and save as to get a copy.

5 Pictorial Messages:






Parents Against Child Exploitation (PACE) Leaflet:

School Exclusion and CSE Poster:


Resource Library

Find the latest forms, guidance, tools and documents to help you safeguard children in North Yorkshire by searching in our resource library


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