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NYC Elective Home Education

NYC Elective Home Education (EHE)

The following one page guide provides professionals, parent and carers with information about the Elective Home Education service offered by North Yorkshire Council.

Our Role

  • In North Yorkshire, we have Elective Home Education (EHE) Advisors who work with families who are considering home education & the schools they are on roll at. We will:
    • Discuss why EHE is being considered
    • Explore other options available to families
    • Help overcome any issues which may have arisen in relation to school
    • Ensure parents have all the relevant information available regarding home schooling so an informed decision can be made
    • Introduce parents/carers to a named contact who they can get in touch with regarding any queries
  • We aim to work with families who choose to electively home educate to ensure we are able to provide families with continuing support.
  • We have a duty to ensure that children being home educated in North Yorkshire are receiving a full-time education which is suitable for their age, ability & aptitude. We take into account a number of overall factors when looking at the suitability of education which can be found on the EHE Local Offer Page Elective Home Education – Guidance for Parents and Carers | North Yorkshire Council

Our Skills

  • Tailored Advice for schools. Working in partnership with schools our Elective Home Education Advisors offer advice to ensure policies and procedures are followed. This advice can begin before a child or young person is taken off roll. We strongly recommend schools and other professionals contact their locality EHE Advisor as soon as a parent is considering EHE so a pre-decision meeting can be arranged. NYC’s EHE Policy & Procedures can be found at: Elective Home Education | CYPSinfo (northyorks.gov.uk)
  • Education Provision Assessment. Working with schools, families and other agencies to ensure all home educated children and young people receive an appropriate education, which is full-time and suitable for their age, ability and aptitude with reference to any special educational needs they might have.
  • Advice to Year 11s. Your EHE Advisor can support young people in understanding the next steps available for Post-16.
  • Parental Support. EHE Advisors support parents to ensure a suitable education is provided; we can offer tips and resources to help you meet your child’s needs.

What is important to us?

  • Children and young people accessing a suitable and engaging curriculum.
  • Children, young people, and their families are at the centre of everything the EHE team do.
  • Working closely with schools and other relevant professionals.
  • Sharing information and communicating in a timely manner.
  • Children and young people are happy and safe in their environment.

What do we need from others to do our best work?

  • Positive engagement from families to ensure children and young people are being given the opportunity to learn effectively.
  • Schools to implement the Ladder of Intervention to prevent placement breakdown and to ensure EHE is only considered as a positive choice & not as a last resort.
  • Families to attend annual reviews to share the education that is in place & the progress made.
  • SEN Casework Officers to invite EHE Advisors to EHCP reviews with parental consent to do so
  • C&FW to work alongside EHE Advisors on cases open to them
  • If appropriate, the EHE Team may recommend a referral to the SEND Hub for specialist support including Social, Emotional and Mental Health, Cognition and Learning, Communication and Interaction.

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