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Professionals Consultation Line

Professionals Consultation Line

Who can use the Professionals Consultation Line?

After a successful pilot, the Professional Consultation Line is available to ALL professionals working in North Yorkshire.

When should I use the consultation line?

The Consultation Line should be used when you have concerns about a child safeguarding situation and have spoken to your Designated Safeguarding Lead and unsure how to proceed on the next steps. The concerns should be of a higher threshold than of what can be supported by Early Help.

What will happen when I call?

You will be asked for your details including name, professional and best contact number. The children/families details will remain anonymous and therefore consent to discuss your concerns will not be required. The conversation will not be not be recorded on North Yorkshire Council systems.  There is however an professional expectation advice given will be followed and appropriately recorded within your own records.

The consultation line does not replace existing safeguarding processes.

The conversation held within the consultation line does not replace the role of your Designated Safeguarding Lead and should only be used if you feel you require further exploration around next steps on scenarios that you feel are above the threshold of Early Help. If you have identified a safeguarding risk to a child you are still required to submit a Universal Safeguarding Referral  Form as the consultation line does not replace existing safeguarding processes or Early Help Consultants. Early Help Consultants are an invaluable source of support and should be contacted to provide you with support, advice on welfare issues and Early Help assessment/work.

Where can I go for more information?

To assist professionals in understanding thresholds and which agency is best to contact for advice and support, please refer to threshold guidance NYSCP (safeguardingchildren.co.uk)

For further information on how to submit a universal referral and safeguarding proceeds please access information NYSCP (safeguardingchildren.co.uk)

Professionals Consultation Line: 01609535070


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