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Child Protection Conference Documents and Minutes

Child Protection Conference Documents and Minutes

Outline Child Protection Plans and Conference minutes will be sent to all families and professionals.

1A chair’s letter will be sent following each conference to outline the decisions that were made.The chair’s letter will be:

– Sent to all those invited to the child protection conference including parents, carers, children where applicable and professionals
– Sent within one working day of the conference
– Sent by first class post unless another option is requested by the family/agency

The chair’s letter will include the outcome of the Conference, and if agreed the:

– Outline Child Protection Plan
– Date and time of the Core Group
– Date and time of any RCPC
– Outline Children and Family Plan – where CPP not made
2Conference records will be distributed by the IRO Team in line with agreed timescalesThe conference records will be:

– Sent to parents, carers where applicable, children where appropriate and professionals
– Sent within 15 working days of the conference
– Sent by first class post (unless another option is requested by the family/agency)
– Presented in a format understood by the parents, and where applicable the child
3Conference Records will follow a templateConference record will set out the following:

– Attendance and apologies
– Information, e.g. address and family structure
– Reason for the conference (to include concerns for the child)
– Outcome of the Section 47 investigation/assessment or outcomes of previous conferences
– Additional information from the children and their family and any agency representative
– Summary of discussion – includes parent’s and carer’s views, children’s views, wider family network (if applicable) and comments from all participants
– Chairperson’s summary (analysis includes risk and protective factors)
– Discussion and analysis
– Decision made – including any dissent to these decisions and the category of risk if a CPP is made
– The Child Protection Plan or Child and Family Plan

Any dissent should be clearly recorded with reasons

The record will be signed and dated by the Chairperson as a true record of the meeting.
4Amendments may be made to the minutesParents and agencies should contact the IRO team within ten working days of receipt of the minutes where there are inaccuracies.

The Chairperson may decide to make amendments at this time and will contact the family and agencies with a letter to this effect within fifteen working days of the minutes being sent out.

The Chairperson may decide to hold the comments to the time of the next RCPC where they will be recorded at the start of the meeting.

Disagreement with the decision of the Chairperson should be taken through the NYSCP Professional Resolutions Practice.
5The Conference minutes are confidential.The Conference minutes are confidential and should not be passed by professionals to third parties without consent of the Chairperson.

Minutes should be stored securely by agencies in line with individual policies.

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