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April 2024 e-bulletin

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Welcome to the NYSCP April 2024 edition of our e-bulletin

I would like to start by congratulating Kathryn Morrison, Policy and Development Officer and Gemma Ohr, Child Exploitation Officer, for a supremely successful week of events that saw over 300 people attend a range of sessions that were arranged through the partnership to support this year’s Child Exploitation Day on the 18th March. 

The week-long campaign aimed to raise awareness of children and young people experiencing abuse through exploitation and encouraged people to ‘spot the signs’ and start some vital conversations.

Agencies including Barnardo’s, the Ivison Trust, the Children’s Society, and Yorsexual Health joined other partners to cover important topics such as the Criminal Exploitation of girls; Financial Exploitation; Early Intervention; Prevention and the Importance of Disruption, among others.

To coincide with Child Exploitation Awareness Day, North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership are proud to launch their new Multi-Agency Child Exploitation and Contextual Safeguarding Strategy which has been developed by partners alongside consultation from children and young people. Mace-and-Contextual-Safeguarding-Strategy-2024.pdf (safeguardingchildren.co.uk)

The success of the week provides an excellent example of what can be achieved when we work in partnership and for those of you who were unable to attend the live sessions, the majority of events hosted over the week are accessible via the NYSCP YouTube channel.

There are a number of other egg-citing things for you to digest in this month’s bulletin whilst recovering from the Easter-egg-induced chocolate coma (or is that just me?!)

Hannah Ellingworth, Business Unit Manager

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Do your part this month and sign up to our Masterclass on Wednesday 17th April at midday, where we will be launching our new campaign #AskMe.

The #AskMe…. Have a conversation is a campaign aimed at professionals across North Yorkshire to encourage them to have conversations with new and expectant parents about how they are feeling about a number of aspects of having and caring for a baby. The key messages are derived from a series of common things that are often a concern to new parents and have been developed in conjunction with the learning identified from our recently commissioned thematic review identifying learning from three similar cases of non-accidental injury to non-mobile infants.

The campaign is not designed to replace any of the work already undertaken through NYSCP including the work around SUDI, ICON or the resources accessible through the Lullaby Trust. It aims to raise awareness with frontline practitioners of the need to ask parents how they are feeling around aspects of caring for their baby in those crucial first few months of life. The campaign recognises that the arrival of a new baby is a big life changing event, and it can be hard for new parents to share with professionals that they are struggling. It is therefore crucial that frontline practitioners have the confidence to explore with new and expectant parents how they are feeling and how they are coping with these changes.

The session will include a presentation by two designated Safeguarding nurses highlighting learning from a recent thematic review to open the learning event and outline why the campaign is so important. Partners have the opportunity to view campaign materials and resources that are collated to support the campaign.

You can register for a place at the session through NYES.

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If They Could Tell You

Start for Life have launched their ‘If They Could Tell You…’ campaign, promoting the importance and benefits of strong parent-infant relationships. Partners can now access a range of downloadable resources from the Campaign Resource Centre, including:

  • Partner Activation Pack including a campaign overview, key messages for partners, parents and Family Hubs, a guide to starting parent-infant relationships conversations and links to supporting tools and resources.
  • Social Media Toolkit with images, copy and content calendar.
  • Posters, including ready to use, localisable and empty belly version for partners to add local service information.
  • Digital screens for use on TV screens and other digital displays in locations such as GP surgeries, Family Hubs, outdoor settings etc.
  • Web banners to use across owned digital channels.

Resources with a specific Family Hub call to action for the 75 commissioned areas are also available.

The campaign, run by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), in partnership with the Department for Education (DfE), works to show that baby’s use their body language, facial expressions, noises, and cries which can help parents find the best way to meet their needs. Support and free resources, including tips and learning materials, are available on the Start for Life website. 

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Andy’s Man Club

Suicide is the leading cause of death in men under 56 and one man takes his own life every two hours in the UK. The aim of the club is to provide men with a safe space where they feel comfortable to talk and open up about their experiences in a room free of judgment.

Andy’s Man Club | #ITSOKAYTOTALK | Andy’s Man Club (andysmanclub.co.uk)


ANDYSMANCLUB has over 120 free support groups nationwide, running every Monday from 7PM except bank holidays. In these groups, men can open up about the storms affecting their lives in a safe, judgement-free and non-clinical environment. The clubs are designed to be free of pressure, there is no obligation for men to speak, they can simply listen if they wish.

With over 2,800 men using the sessions every week, and an army of 900+ volunteers on board, the movement is continuing to grow week-by-week. We firmly believe in the power of talking and that #ItsOkayToTalk.

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DBS Spring Conference

The Disclosure and Barring Service is hosting its Spring Conference: DBS Spring Conference 2024 | LinkedIn on Tuesday 30 April – a free virtual event open to everyone with an interest in safeguarding.

They will be sharing a range of webinars tailored to support individuals and organisations across a variety of sectors. For more information please visit and follow DBS Spring Conference 2024 | LinkedIn

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Listen up, Speak up

The NSPCC have launched a new campaign “Listen up, Speak up” this free ten minute digital training is open to anyone. When you sign up, you’ll also receive educational content via email for the duration of the campaign. The emails will be about child abuse and neglect and you’ll learn about a variety of actions you can take to help prevent it, including ways you can support the NSPCC.

Sign up for Connect the DOTS | NSPCC

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You might have heard about a recent, tragic incident involving an 11-year-old boy in Lancashire who lost his life after reportedly taking part in a dangerous trend called ‘chroming’ during a sleepover.

Chroming involves inhaling various chemicals like aerosols, nitrous oxide, solvents, and nitrites, also known variously as nangs, nossies, whippets, and bullets. This activity is associated with a euphoric high, but carries potentially fatal risks, including heart and lung damage, as well as harm to brain and behavioural development.

Top tips for parents, carers and professionals can be found on the Ineqe website, Dangerous Challenge Raises Serious Safeguarding Concerns – Ineqe Safeguarding Group along with further information about ‘chroming’.

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Loneliness. It’s a part of life. Let’s talk about it.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) recently launched the next phase of their loneliness campaign activity, as part of the Better Health – Every Mind Matters campaign. This follows the success of last year’s national campaign which encouraged young people to support others feeling lonely. Based on research that shows 16-24 year olds are the loneliest age group but also the least likely to take action to help themselves, the campaign targets young people with the aim to normalise loneliness as a part of life and to reduce the stigma that often prevents people from accessing support.

Please find a range of resources which are now available to download from the Campaign Resource Centre, including:

If you or someone you know is feeling lonely, search ‘Loneliness Every Mind Matters’ for support and advice or go to https://www.nhs.uk/every-mind-matters/lifes-challenges/loneliness/.

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Safeguarding Week 2024

Following the success of our on-line programme last year, we are pleased to confirm that we have gathered a line-up of fascinating topics that will be of interest to both the public and professionals. We will also be hosting face-to-face events throughout our communities.

The programme brings inspirational expert speakers from the safeguarding community and importantly, this includes people with lived experience. We want to support your professional development, stimulate discussion and provoke innovative thinking as well as encourage and support you to take action – whether this be implementing learning, undertaking training or involving people in a meaningful way.

For communities and the wider public this is the opportunity to hear from experts on specific topics to aid you with the tools and knowledge to prevent and / or report any forms of abuse or neglect.

Registration for the sessions will open in early May and we wanted to be sure that you had the dates set aside in your diary.

We look forward to sharing the full programme with you when it is available.

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Upcoming Masterclasses

Further details can be found on the NYSCP training page: NYSCP (safeguardingchildren.co.uk)

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