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The North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership provides free virtual safeguarding training to all partners on the last Friday of every month.  Over the next few months our masterclasses will examine some highly engaging content:

Developments in Safeguarding Masterclass, 25 February 2022

Our February Masterclass will incorporate a variety of subjects to appeal to all partners across North Yorkshire and will include

  • School Safeguarding Audit – An overview of the findings from the School Safeguarding Audit 2020/2021, including lessons learned and what the NYSCP is doing following the audit
  • Section 11 / Governance Audit Summary – An overview of the findings from the Section 11/Governance Audit 2020/2021 and action being taken as a result of the audit
  • New/Updated Policies and Procedures – Details of all the latest changes to NYSCP policies and procedures
  • Changes to the NYSCP Website – Find out about the latest changes and improvements to your one stop resource for safeguarding information in North Yorkshire
  • BeAware – Find out how we are developing the BeAware area of our website to include children, young people, parents and more to ensure everyone has access to information about child exploitation and what to do if you have a concern
  • Day or Night Sleep Right Campaign – See how you and your organisation can get involved in our campaign to raise awareness of sleeping right for babies and reducing sudden and unexpected infant deaths
  • HEAT Tool – Learn more about how the HEAT Tool has been designed to help practitioners identify those families where there may be early signs of neglect so that prompt action can be taken to address and support families to improve home conditions and safety for their children
  • IDAS New CYP Services – Learn about the latest services from IDAS  to support the victims of domestic abuse
  • Police Information Sharing Form Update – find out how you can safely and directly share information with North Yorkshire Police.
  • BYINY and Threshold Guidance – Find out about NYSCP priorities and threshold guidance for North Yorkshire.

This Masterclass is suitable for anyone working with children and young people across North Yorkshire and will enhance knowledge in relevant and current safeguarding developments.

Child Exploitation Safeguarding Masterclass, 25 March 2022

The masterclass will give partners an overview of what child exploitation and contextual safeguarding looks like across North Yorkshire, what some of the themes and trends are that we are seeing for young people, especially those aged 10 -18. The masterclass will cover the following areas:

  • The picture of child exploitation across North Yorkshire, where and how young people are being exploited as well as helping partners understand how they can help identify signs and indicators of exploitation within their schools, communities and local areas.
  • Emerging themes and trends around young people’s drug and other substance use
  • An overview of the impact of modern slavery and human trafficking for young people in North Yorkshire and the National Referral Mechanism.
  • Partnership Information Sharing – what should partners be sharing with the Police, how should they share the information and what happens to information they share?
  • Consideration of how we use language around children and parents/carers where children are at risk of or experiencing exploitation – how does our language shape professionals responses to child exploitation and what do professionals need to be cognisant of in their practice.

The masterclass is suitable for professionals working with Law Enforcement, Children and Family Services, Education (Primary, Secondary, Further and Higher Ed), Drug and Alcohol Services, Youth Justice, Community and Youth Work, Health, CAMHS, Community Safety Partnerships, third and voluntary sector service providers. Furthermore the masterclass will also be of value for those working or who have involvement with young people aged 10 – 18 who are embedded within our communities who may potentially see indicators of exploitation e.g. community/faith groups, outreach delivery workers, housing providers etc.


Resource Library

Find the latest forms, guidance, tools and documents to help you safeguard children in North Yorkshire by searching in our resource library


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