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North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership e-Bulletin November 2022

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Welcome to the NYSCP November 2022 edition of our e-Bulletin 

As we move into November we can see (and feel) the change in seasons and this feels like an opportune moment to keep you abreast of some changes happening within the Partnership.

I am sure most of you will be aware that James Parkes, after working in the Partnership for over six years, has now moved on to become the Area Manager for Papyrus, a leading suicide prevention service. Papyrus UK Suicide Prevention | Prevention of Young Suicide (papyrus-uk.org). I am sure, like me, you would like to thank James for all the hard work he put in to managing the Partnership and to wish James every success and happiness.

This month the Partnership will also be saying goodbye to Natalie Wood, our Leadership and Support Officer. Nat has worked in the Partnership for over three years, working determinedly to ensure the efficient coordination and smooth running of the service. Again, I know you will all want to take this opportunity to wish Nat well for now and in the future.

Lastly, my name is Hannah Ellingworth and I will be starting as the new NYSCP Partnership Manager on the 14th of November. I am joining the Partnership from the Multi-Agency Screening Team where I was responsible for managing the Early Help Service at the “front-door” for NYCC. I am aware of the amazing and dedicated workforce within North Yorkshire and I am really looking forward to getting to know partners and hope to be able to build on the excellent strategies that James and the team have been working on.

In keeping with previous e-Bulletins I would like to highlight for you some developing areas of work which I hope will be of interest to you……

This month we have seen the publication of the final report for the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA.) The report compiles seven years’ worth of enquiries and outlines the key recommendations for public sector agencies to follow as “a matter of urgency.” It will be really interesting to think about how this report influences our work with children and young people and their families in North Yorkshire.

The UK Council for Internet Safety have published new guidance for professionals on how to challenge victim blaming language and behaviours when dealing with the online experiences of children and young people. Personally, I have a keen interest in the use of language and would encourage the sharing of this guidance to help everyone consider how best to make reference to a family’s lived experiences.

We know that the next couple of months are going to see some real challenges for children, young people and their families and we know there are unsung-heroes (and heroines) working tirelessly in local communities to support our most vulnerable. If you’re aware of someone going over and above, perhaps quietly in the background, to make sure children in North Yorkshire are thriving, please share their details with the Partnership so their efforts can be recognised through our NYSCP Awards https://www.safeguardingchildren.co.uk/professionals/partnership-award/

Please feel free to get in touch with the Partnership or myself if there is anything you would like us to include in future bulletins and I look forward to working with you all.

Hannah Ellingworth

Incoming NYSCP Partnership Manager

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Free Suicide Prevention Training 2023

We want to reach community groups, volunteers, or any relevant partner / colleagues we already work with who live / work or volunteer in North Yorkshire. Places will be funded, and free to the individual.

These training courses are not for Council staff, as there is already a training mechanism in house.

ASIST and SafeTALK will be face to face training dates both in Northallerton Town Hall, whereas the ASK workshop will be delivered online via Teams.

The ASK Workshop (Assessing for Suicide in Kids)

  • Thurs & Fri 19th & 20th January 2023 (2-day course)
  • 9.00am -1.30pm

ASIST (Face to face – Northallerton Town Hall)

  • Mon & Tues 23rd & 24th January 2023 (2-day course)
  • 9.00am -5.00pm

safeTALK (Face to face – Northallerton Town Hall)

  • Fri Feb 3rd
  • 9.00am -12.30pm.

If individuals need information on the courses themselves, if they are appropriate and / or to book and secure a training space, please contact our trainer & facilitator, Izzy direct who will liaise with the individual. Dr Izzy Russell, askworkshops@gmail.com .

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New guidance aimed at professionals in Education Settings

The UK Council for Internet Safety have published new guidance for professionals on how to challenge victim blaming language and behaviours when dealing with the online experiences of children and young people.

This guidance is aimed at professionals in education settings working with children and young people. It aims to help them better understand, recognise and respond to victim blaming language and behaviour within their settings when discussing or responding to the online experiences of children and young people.

It describes the language, attitudes and behaviours that can be considered victim blaming when talking about the online experiences of children and young people. It encourages professionals to think critically about their own or others’ language and behaviour, its impact and the ways they should be challenged.

The document can be access via our practice guidance section of our website here: Challenging victim blaming language and behaviours when dealing with the online experiences of children and young people (safeguardingchildren.co.uk)

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NYSCP Partnership Awards

NYSCP like to celebrate and showcase the great work happening right across our multi-agency partnership and we would love to hear from YOU !

We would love to know about people who have stood out, gone beyond expectations or worked creatively and innovatively to improve the lives of Children and Young People in our County.

To recognise the contribution and impact we have established a NYSCP Partnership Achievement Award.

Individuals or teams working or volunteering with Children and Young
People are eligible to receive an award, all we need is your nomination!

There is a short form to complete, however please feel free to be creative,
we would love to see included evidence you have of recognition, such as
articles, photos or even a short video clip as to why you are nominating them.

Make a nomination by email:

Download the form below:

Complete and send to nyscp@northyorks.gov.uk and we will acknowledge by return.

Next Steps:

The nomination will be presented by the Partnership Manager on your behalf to the NYSCP Executive Members and Independent Scrutineer.

The NYSCP Business Unit will let you know the outcome and winners will be invited to one of the NYSCP Strategic Group Meetings, held twice a year to receive their award.

If you have any questions about the nomination process please ask the Business Unit:

Email: nyscp@northyorks.gov.uk

Tel: 01609 535123

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The Report of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

On 20 October 2022, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse published its final statutory report, which was presented to Parliament pursuant to section 26 of the Inquiries Act 2005. In accordance with the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference, the report sets out the main findings about the extent to which state and non-state institutions failed in their duty of care to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation and makes recommendations for reform. Access the report >here<

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Safer Recruitment – One Minute Guide 

Read our latest One Minute Guide: Safer Recruitment >here<

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Learning from Audits

The NYSCP has released three seven point briefings following audits of:

Multiagency Responses to Children and Young People with Repeat Child Protection Plans

Multiagency Responses to Children and Young People where the child was know to have Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and

Multiagency Responses to Children and Young People Experiencing Neglect

To access the seven point briefings please visit our website at:

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Latest Podcast – Allegations Against Staff and People in a Position of Trust.

Why not listen to our latest podcast ? link >here<

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Appeal for PARENTS to have early & positive conversations with their TEENS


This campaign was inspired by the tragic story of Kerry’s daughter Leah who died after taking drugs in 2019.

Leah was 15 when she lost her life in a car park in Northallerton after taking two ‘MDMA bombs’ (a powder form of Ecstasy), whilst with a group of friends.

Kerry wanted to help other parents to have proactive and positive conversations with their children about drugs and alcohol and so has teamed up with Commissioner Zoë to create the “NotMyChild” campaign. Full details are available at www.notmychild.info

Kerry Roberts said:

“For years we have been telling our children to “just say no” to drugs, and in an ideal world maybe that would be enough, but the world is complicated, growing up is hard, and young people are probably going to take risks, so as parents we need to be having different conversations with them.

“On the day Leah died, she wouldn’t have understood that the drugs she took would seriously harm her, let alone end her life.

“Although I had the ‘drugs talk’ with her, we didn’t talk about all of the things that are in the NotMyChild campaign.

“Because we can’t be with our children all the time, I would encourage all parents, guardians and care givers to talk calmly with their own teenagers, before anything goes wrong, and to support them to understand the risks associated with different types of drugs, so that they have the facts that they need, to set their own boundaries and to make their own safe choices”.  

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Resource Library

Find the latest forms, guidance, tools and documents to help you safeguard children in North Yorkshire by searching in our resource library


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