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North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership E-Bulletin March 2023

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Welcome to the March 2023 NYSCP e-bulletin

On 18th March, North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership are proud to be supporting National Child Exploitation Awareness Day. The day aims to highlight the issues surrounding child exploitation, raise awareness and encourage everyone to think, spot and speak out against abuse.

Our theme for this month’s e-bulletin will focus primarily on child exploitation. We’ll be promoting key messages and updates from partners as child exploitation is something we all need to Be Aware of in North Yorkshire.

I recently had the opportunity to hear a speaker talk about Child Exploitation and she asked “do the people in the places and spaces where young people spend their time know about exploitation; what the signs are and what to do if they are worried? The shops, parks, bus and train stations, the local communities? They are key for spotting the signs as early as possible and helping us all tackle and prevent exploitation.” It’s a question that has really stuck with me and one I think we all need to consider.

It’s up to us all to promote the word and raise awareness as much as possible.

So, let’s start the conversation and all work together to tackle exploitation in North Yorkshire.

Kat Morrison – Multi Agency Child Exploitation Policy and Development Officer – NYSCP

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National Working Group Exploitation Awareness Day
The Children’s Society #Look Closer Campaign
Vacancy – Child Exploitation and Contextual Safeguarding Officer
BeAware updates
Intelligence sharing
Youth Forum updates – Mate Crime
ICTG updates
PACE updates
MACE updates – feedback from partners
Explicit Images Challenge on Tiktok
‘Depression Rooms’ on Roblox
Support for LGBTQ people
The NYSCP Monthly Developments in Safeguarding Masterclasses
Updated NYSCP guidance

National Working Group Exploitation Awareness Day

The National Working Group Child Exploitation Awareness Day on 18th March 2023.

NWG have a series of planned events linked to exploitation – details can be accessed here. NWG Exploitation Network Events | Eventbrite

AGE OF 18.

Further resources from the National working group can be accessed here.
National Child Exploitation Awareness Day 18th March 2023 #CEADay23 – NWG Network
In North Yorkshire we’ll be promoting the campaign and raising awareness of child exploitation throughout the week commencing 13 March. Linking partners to our BeAware Knowledge Hub we’ll be highlighting key messages and encouraging everyone to have the conversation about exploitation. The full partnership briefing pack can be found here, but please follow up on our social media channels and share and promote the messages.
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The Children’s Society #Look Closer Campaign

The Children’s Society #Look Closer Campaign
We are pleased to share details of the latest #LookCloser week of action which begins on Monday 27th February 2023 as well as social media assets.
We would also love for you to support on social and mainstream media.
To help you do this we have attached our new media resources including:
• Draft posts for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin
• A press quote to use in any media content
• Partners or journalists can also get in touch with us at media@childrenssociety.org.uk to arrange an interview with an expert about #LookCloser or child exploitation more widely.

#LookCloser is a partnership campaign between The Children’s Society, the National County Lines Co-ordination Centre and the British Transport Police aiming to raise awareness of child exploitation and abuse and to encourage the public and businesses to better identify and report concerns. The campaign also seeks to challenge assumptions and victim stereotypes, highlighting that child exploitation can happen anywhere, and any young person can be a victim.

Our latest week of action will focus in particular on the role that everyone can play in disrupting child exploitation and the importance of ensuring that young victims are effectively identified, safeguarded and supported as they transition to adulthood.
You can find all our current campaign materials on our #Look Closer website. To access these, you simply need to scroll to the bottom of the page and provide your Job Title, Organisation and Region. Once completed you will be provided with a link to access and download everything.
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Vacancy – Child Exploitation and Contextual Safeguarding Officer

Due to additional investment, North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership are looking for an exceptional candidate to join their successful Multi-Agency Child Exploitation (MACE) and Contextual Safeguarding arrangements as a Child Exploitation and Contextual Safeguarding Officer.
If you have a strong record of partnership working, are confident in chairing multi-agency meetings and are passionate about safeguarding children at risk of exploitation and abuse then this role could be for you. Knowledge of child safeguarding, exploitation, partnership working and management of perpetrators of child abuse will be essential combined with an understanding of national requirements, guidance and best practice.
For more information and to apply visit: Child Exploitation and Contextual Safeguarding Officer (engageats.co.uk)

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BeAware updates

Be Aware is North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership’s online knowledge hub dedicated to raising awareness and tackling child exploitation in North Yorkshire. Since the site was updated last June with specific pages for young people, parents and carers, and local business and communities we have had over 17000 page views to the site! Wow! It’s incredible that the resource is so well used. The site is regularly reviewed and updated so you can be assured you are accessing them most relevant and up to date information. Below is a run through of some of our most recent updates.

Communities page – safeguarding in sport

National Working Group have developed a campaign Tackling Child Exploitation in Sport. Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults is everyone’s responsibility and this also applies in the world of sport. This campaign has been designed specifically for the sports sector to help raise awareness of how abuse can occur through sport. Our campaign efforts are aimed at parents, coaches and children in order to help them understand what to look out for and how to respond to concerns.
Further details including posters for specific sports and additional resources can be accessed here: CSE in Sports (Sport England) – STOP CE – (stop-ce.org)

PSHE updates

Following the launch of our Be Aware Knowledge hub last summer, we have been linking in with school PSHE leads, and as a result have collated resources linking to lesson plans for PSHE sessions. The resources can be accessed here: NYSCP (safeguardingchildren.co.uk)

Updates to practice guidance
There have been recent changes to our Multi Agency Child Exploitation (MACE) practice guidance document. The updated document, alongside additional One Minute guides in relation to MACE can be accessed on the MACE section of our Be Aware knowledge Hub. NYSCP (safeguardingchildren.co.uk)

Any feedback in relation to our Be Aware site is always welcome. We are regularly reviewing the content and resources to ensure the information we share is relevant and accurate. We are keen to promote and share our posters across local communities. Posters can be accessed here Be-Aware-Poster-2-1.pdf (safeguardingchildren.co.uk) however printed copies can be sent to partners on request. Feedback and requests for posters can be shared to Kathryn.morrison@northyorks.gov.uk
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Intelligence sharing

Sharing of information is critical to developing a clear picture of local issues and wider community related problems, which can inform Police and Partner actions to reduce threat, risk and harm.

North Yorkshire Police and the wider policing family is intelligence driven – and rely heavily on intelligence from our communities, partners and law enforcement agencies, which, often without realisation, could provide crucial links where gaps in intelligence might exist.

Information shared on this form could include a variety of points, such as; information about a concerning incident, suspicious activity, an unusual exchange between two or more people, something that makes you feel uncomfortable, or information that would help Police to safeguard vulnerable people.

A message from Detective Chief Inspector Andy Simpson:
“Please pass on my thanks for partners engagement with the information sharing form.

I welcome the continuing use by colleagues of this means of sharing non-critical information that may be of use by the police service to ensure our communities remain safe. The information shared is important for us to know what may concern you but doesn’t warrant that direct call for police assistance. This means of sharing offers an avenue of police contact when you know that something that you feel you need to inform the police of.

It is important that the usual means of contacting the police by the 999 or 101 facility is used where harm or damage is known to have been caused or is likely to be caused or you know someone has been subject of some other crime.
I would ask that the good work continues as in partnership we care and support our communities in keeping people safe.”

Professionals with information and intelligence they would like to share can do so via the Partnership information sharing form: NYSCP (safeguardingchildren.co.uk)
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Youth Forum updates – Mate Crime

In February the partnership business unit team were lucky enough to attend the North Yorkshire Youth Commission ‘Big Conversation’ Conference! An inspiring afternoon and a great chance to start the conversation about exploitation (as well as other key priorities)
Through the ‘Big Conversation’ the North Yorkshire Youth Commission peer researchers have gathered the views of over 1300 young people aged 10-25 from across North Yorkshire on six key crime and policing priorities and the “big conversation” was an opportunity to share key finding s and recommendations for change with partners.

The Youth Commission are an amazing group of passionate young people, who have previously contributed to the development of our BeAware knowledge Hub.

Their recommendations are due to shared in a report in the coming weeks, and further information can be found on their website Youth Commission – Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner North Yorkshire (northyorkshire-pfcc.gov.uk). You can also follow them on twitter @NorthYorksYC and Instagram: yc_northyorks

We were also incredibly lucky to have one of the forum members share a specially made resource for us. Dawid spoke at the conference about his passion for raising awareness about Mate Crime. He has made a short social media-style animation raising awareness of mate crime & exploitation of young people with disabilities, including, what mate crime is, signs to look for and why it’s important. We will also share this on our social media channels and on our BeAware website. Thank you Dawid and all the members of the Youth Forum.

We’ve added it to the Young People section of our Be Aware website, which contains lots of information designed in consultation with young people about exploitation. NYSCP (safeguardingchildren.co.uk)
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ICTG updates

The Independent Child Trafficking Guardianship (ICTG) service offers advice, guidance and support for children (aged under 18) who have been exploited through trafficking and Modern Slavery. We also provide support, advice and guidance for professionals working with young people who are victims of trafficking and Modern Slavery.

Rosie and Lorena from the service have kindly been in touch to give us a little more insight into their roles as Regional Practice Coordinator and Direct worker.

Rosie Hyland – Regional Practice Coordinator within the Independent Child Trafficking Guardianship Service. The ‘RPC’ provides INDIRECT support and guidance to professionals working with children who are victims of trafficking and exploitation where the child has someone with parental responsibility within the UK. The ‘RPC’ role offers advice and guidance to partner agencies focusing on topics such as the NRM process, safety planning, disruption, key legislation to support children through the criminal justice system including S45 defence and S46 special measures. Professionals we work alongside describe our support as a ‘a crucial independent role in coordinating a tailored response to safeguarding children’. We have a trauma informed approach, working with the best interests each child, offering case consultations, attendance at strategy meetings and exploitation panel meetings. We are a national team and therefore can feed into regional teams identifying good practice examples and particular emerging concerns from a national picture.

My name is Lorena Blanco-Falcioni I am an Independent Child Trafficking Guardian (ICTG) Post-18 at Barnardo’s. I work within the National Counter Trafficking Service. My role is to directly support children who are victims of trafficking, and who do not have anyone with parental responsibly for them. My day-to-day work includes visiting young people and responding to immediate risks or concerns relating to exploitation/trafficking. I focus my work on gathering information about their experiences (in a trauma-informed approach) so I can assess their needs. I focus on building up a good relationship with them to create trust and a safe space to discuss sensitive issues. The biggest learning from my work is the benefits of working in partnership. Creating an efficient network with the professionals that work with the young people is essential and has a positive impact for the wellbeing and safety of the young people we work with.

Further information about the ICTG service can be accessed here: NYSCP (safeguardingchildren.co.uk)

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PACE updates

Increasingly we are seeing in our support service for parents affected by child exploitation that there is a high proportion of neurodiversity amongst children in all forms of abuse – sexual, criminal and online exploitation. Read our news article.

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MACE updates – feedback from partners

Our MACE Level 2 meetings are professional meetings held monthly across North Yorkshire, they are key meetings for sharing information relating to the links between children at risk or subject to exploitation, perpetrators or individuals who may pose a risk by exploitation and/or locations and community intelligence.

We wanted to share some feedback from partners who have been attending the meetings and the value they receive from attendance.

“The information shared is both necessary and informative in gaining an understanding of the pressures facing some of our families and students and it does inform decisions made by the school around some of our most vulnerable families and students.”

“I find the MACE meetings invaluable to the work we do. The meetings help us gain an insight into what is having a direct impact on our young people and allows us to have a pro-active approach to safeguarding in and around our local community. Current trends and themes feed into our daily work and help us adapt our PSHE/pastoral plans to encompass what is presently having an impact on our students.”

“The MACE meetings also enable us to get to know and touch base with other professionals that may be able to help our young people.”

“Mace meetings are a good opportunity to understand the local community landscape and how these fits with our own community.
There are good updates and I link these to my own school information.
We have continually developed incredibly strong links with our local Police and the MACE meetings have certainly helped this.”

“Sharing information like this is valuable and good practice and can often help build up the bigger picture.”

Further information about out MACE meetings can be accessed here: NYSCP (safeguardingchildren.co.uk)

Any professionals who would be interested in attending the meetings can contact MACE@northyorks.gov.uk for further information.

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Explicit Images Challenge on Tiktok

A new challenge circulating on popular social media platform, Tiktok has emerged. Known as the ‘Foopah’ challenge, it involves users attempting to trick TikTok’s moderation systems by flashing their bodies.

For more information and advice on the challenge, including the risks and how to challenge, visit Ineqe website.

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‘Depression Rooms’ on Roblox

Due to the popularity of online gaming platform Roblox with children and young people under the age of 16, iNEQE have released a Safeguarding Update about a collection of games trending within the platform. The games depict themes of isolation, cutting, and suicide with some including chatrooms where users engage in unmoderated discussions around hopelessness, depression, self-harm, and suicide. Read more here

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Support for LGBTQ people

Domestic abuse can happen in any relationship irrespective of someone’s sexuality or gender identity. IDAS provides free, confidential advice and support to anyone who is subject to abuse. We support hundreds of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer people every year and our teams are compassionate, respectful and inclusive.
To close off LGBTQ+ History Month, IDAS are offering a free taster session on supporting LGBTQ+ people.

Book your place

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The NYSCP Monthly Developments in Safeguarding Masterclasses

On the first Wednesday of every month (except January, April and August) we hold 1 hour lunchtime (12:00 to 1:00) Developments in Safeguarding Masterclasses. This is free training for all NYSCP partners and is delivered Virtually. Our upcoming Masterclasses are as follows:
 20 April 2023 – Growing Up in North Yorkshire Survey Results
 2 May 2023 – Counter Terrorism Local Profile
 5 May 2023 – Early Years Masterclass (for providers and childminders)
For more information about all available training please visit:
On completion of Masterclasses and other courses please provide feedback via the NYES link that will be sent to you after the session.
You can access our previous masterclasses on our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUeuPdnazmoELTpkuNEW80g –
Please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel and click the bell icon to be alerted to our latest video uploads.
You can also access our videos from our website at:

Updated NYSCP guidance

Procedures and Protocols:
Female Genital Mutilation Practice Guidance
Out of area young people arrested who appear at risk of criminal exploitation Protocol.
One-minute guides:
MACE level 1 One-Minute Guide.
MACE level 2 One-Minute Guide
MACE Persons who pose a risk by exploitation Process One-Minute Guide.

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Find the latest forms, guidance, tools and documents to help you safeguard children in North Yorkshire by searching in our resource library


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